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Ellacor® with Micro-Coring™ Technology is the first and only device that removes skin on the microscale for visible, natural-looking results which improving the appearance of wrinkles. Let Ellacor help reveal your inner youth without the pain and recovery time associated with more invasive cosmetic procedures.

How Does Ellacor Work?

The Ellacor system uses unique micro-coring technology, a brand-new, FDA-cleared technology that uses hollowed-out needles. These needles remove thousands of tiny columns of skin while creating micro-injuries to stimulate collagen production. Your skin’s natural healing and repair functions are triggered for a youthful and firm facial appearance. The best part? The stainless steel micro-needles are so tiny that there’s no visible scarring involved in the treatment.

What Does Ellacor Treat?

Micro-coring can improve mild to moderate skin laxity and sagging along the:

  • Jawline
  • Cheeks
  • Jowls
  • Chin

While some may refer to micro-coring as a no-knife facelift or a modern-day alternative to facial plastic surgery, the treatment produces different results. A facelift reshapes the underlying tissues and removes extra skin but doesn’t rejuvenate the skin. Micro-coring removes some excess skin on the face without scarring and creates micro-punctures to help renew the skin.

What Are Some Ellacor Benefits?

Ellacor reports the following numbers:

  • 90% of patients showed improvement on the Global Aesthetic Improvement scale
  • 86% overall patient satisfaction when considering all treatment sites
  • 70% of patients were comfortable going out in public or returning to work within three days of their treatment

Some of the other widespread Ellacor benefits include:

  • No incisions or scarring
  • Excess sagging skin is removed
  • Diminished wrinkle visibility
  • Reduced appearance of marionette lines and jowls
  • Visible and natural-looking results
  • In-office treatment that requires no general anesthesia

Am I a Good Candidate for Ellacor?

Micro-coring is best for those who:

  • Are not candidates for surgery
  • Don't have the time to recover
  • Don't want to invest the time, energy, or money into plastic surgery such as facelifts

Most doctors recommend micro-coring to patients who:

  • Are ages 40 to 50
  • Are starting to notice loose skin
  • Want to stop the process before it gets ahead of them

Micro-coring works best on mild to moderately lax skin and wrinkles on the lower face. While too much loose skin won’t produce a dramatic enough effect, too little loose skin won't produce much effect either.

In terms of who should not pursue Ellacor treatments, micro-coring is not advised for anyone with paper-thin or extremely thick skin. Additionally, anyone with a history of severe scarring or hyperpigmentation should be cautious; further studies are being conducted for darker skin tones.

Ellacor Results

Because Ellacor treatment stimulates collagen production and improves the skin's quality, it will improve the overall progression of aging. Adding micro-coring to an anti-aging regimen will produce noticeable results and better future aging due to the boosted collagen and elastin. The skin is firmer and more resilient for an overall youthful appearance.

Downtime lasts up to four days, and as the skin heals from these injuries, it naturally contracts and triggers collagen production. After one session, you’ll notice firmer, plumper skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles. You should get two or three procedures administered a month apart, with full benefits visible two to three months after the last visit.

Why Choose Dr. Grover for Ellacor Treatments?

If you are curious whether Ellacor may be an anti-aging option for you, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Grover today and schedule your private Orange County consultation. While Ellacor is not surgery, it still requires the artistry, expertise, and skill of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Grover to ensure a nuanced, natural-looking outcome that you will love.

Dr. Grover is passionate about delivering exceptional skincare results to clients of all ages, so he stays at the forefront of cosmetic advances to pass on the most cutting-edge technologies to his patients. He performs all procedures at his immaculate, accredited outpatient facility in Newport Beach, where you will receive access to the most advanced technology, equipment and diagnostic software in a tranquil, spa-like setting. On hand to assist you with your cosmetic journey is the Grover Aesthetics team of qualified PA’s, RN’s, aestheticians and medical assistants.

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