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Having sexy, firm buttocks can boost a person’s self-confidence and allow more freedom in terms of styles and apparel. Whether genetics, fluctuations in weight, or gravity has taken its toll on your backside, a buttocks augmentation at Dr. Grover's office can help. Dr. Grover uses silicone implants or the patient’s own harvested fat deposits to add volume to your rear end creating a sexy, toned appearance.

The Procedure

A buttocks augmentation at our Newport Beach or Beverly Hills practice usually takes 2-3 hours. Dr. Grover makes an incision that allows him to insert a silicone based implant or to graft a patient’s own body fat into the buttocks area.

Dr. Grover creates perfect results by taking his time and envisioning the perfect proportions and shape for each patient’s unique body type.

Buttock Augmentation

After Care

Dr Grover is intrinsically involved in his patient’s after care. He monitors his patient’s healing and recovery at each post procedure office visit and maintains regular communication to ensure patient confidence and comfort.

When a buttocks augmentation is performed at our Newport Beach or Beverly Hills offices, it’s necessary to avoid any excess pressure on the area for approximately 2 weeks post surgery. That means it will be necessary for a patient (when resting) to lie on his/her stomach during this time period.

A compression garment aids in healing and helps to limit swelling in the area. Dr. Grover recommends that strenuous activity be limited for at least a few weeks, with a return to work after about 2 weeks of recovery. At The Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Dr. Grover and his professional staff work together to make sure you are supported at every step in the treatment process.

For more information about a buttocks augmentation or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

Buttock Augmentation

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