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Safely and efficiently remove your breast implants with an en bloc capsulectomy in Newport Beach. There are many reasons why a woman will choose to have her breast implants removed. These range from her unhappiness with the implants’ look or feel; a rupture in the implants; a complication of the augmentation surgery such as capsular contracture; or a simple change in decision from her previous aesthetic goals.

Dr. Grover can perform a procedure to remove the entire implant and its capsule at once, which is known as en bloc capsulectomy. He believes this is among the best methods for returning the breast tissue and muscles to their original positions within the chest wall. The outcome is usually a very natural-looking return to one’s previous breast size and shape. The implants can usually be extracted through the same incision as was used for augmentation, so this cuts down on scarring.

The addition of a breast lift

In certain cases, the breasts may sag significantly after the implants are removed, in which case Dr. Grover can perform a breast lift to combat the ptosis. The lift can be performed at the same time as the en bloc removal, or separately, as determined during your consultation. Dr. Grover can also perform fat transfer or liposuction on the breasts in tandem with the capsulectomy.


Clients are able to return home wearing bandages, a support garment and sometimes with drains to helps remove excess fluids. Some bruising and swelling is considered normal. Dr. Grover will make sure you have pain medications to control any discomfort.

All strenuous activity should be avoided for around 10 days after surgery, after which you may return to normal activities. Regular exercise can begin again after about 3 weeks. Be sure to follow all of Dr. Grover’s aftercare instructions, and check back in for your follow up visits.

Where will my en bloc capsulectomy take place?

All of Dr. Grover’s procedures are performed at his immaculate, accredited outpatient medical center in Newport Beach, Orange County. This facility offers state-of-the-art equipment and technology in a discreet, convenient and luxurious spa-like setting. On hand to assist you around the clock is Dr. Grover’s outstanding team of RN’s, medical assistants and technicians, all of whom are willing to go the extra mile for your satisfaction and success.

Getting started

If you would like your breast implants removed and are looking for more information on the right technique for your goals, please contact Dr. Grover today to schedule a confidential appointment. During your consultation, the doctor will examine your breasts, review your surgical and medical history, and answer all your questions in depth, including those on the topics of costs, financing and insurance; risks and benefits; recovery and downtime; and what to expect from your final outcome.

You can see examples of Dr. Grover’s superior results for this procedure in our library of before and after photography. You may also choose to bring in your own photos so that you and the doctor are on the same page regarding your artistic sensibilities.

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