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Dr Grover is amazing. He is caring, listens well, and does beautiful and detailed work. I’m so happy - he made me look like me but 10 years younger!! You can’t even tell work was done, I just look refreshed. Highly recommend!!


Dr. Grover is an artist in addition to being an excellent surgeon. If you have done any research on finding the best cosmetic surgeon in California, then you know that Dr. Grover is the first name on that list. His skills are exceptional and he has built a practice that revolves around patients comfort and absolute satisfaction. You will pay more than other places, but I absolutely believe its worth every penny. When it comes to selecting a plastic surgeon, the only recommendation I will have for anyone is Dr. Grover, or no other surgeon


Absolutely amazing facility, staff, and surgeon. Dr. Grover is an artist, every attention to excellence. Proud of the facility, team and atmosphere that has been created at Grover Surgical Arts. Every step of my/our journey has felt supported, informed, and I “always” knew that the care and surgery I received was the absolute best.


I appreciate all of you very much, Dr Grover helped me to feel whole again. As a Physician, business owner, Mom, etc, etc, I lost myself a little. I blindly trust him and I am very grateful to him in helping feel beautiful again. I will be there for your skin treatments as soon as I feel a little better.


Every detail from the consultation to the follow-up visits were exceptional. Extremely professional staff combined with state-of-the-art facility made the surgery process very pleasant and comfortable. Dr. Grover provides excellent attention to detail and a very skillful eye for aesthetics. I would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends.


Mimi was so very kind and friendly!! Kelly made me feel so welcome, gave me a hug I desperately needed! My anesthesiologist set me at ease, couldn't have been any sweeter. Alfredo was great!! What can I say about Dr. Grover that hasn't been said? His compassion and calmness make me feel like he really cares!! Dr. Grover is the greatest!!


Dr Grover and his staff are amazing!! My experience was probably different than most people who came before me because I had my tummy tuck done right after medical offices started opening up after 2.5 month quarantine from COVID-19. My original consultation was done thru the computer but my pre-op and first couple of post op appts were all face to face. What I really liked about Dr Grover when I first met him and we were discussing his experience was the fact that he does drain-less tummy tucks! Let me tell you what a world of difference this made in my recovery! To be able to shower as early as 2 days post op was amazing, and not have to measure fluid levels coming out of me and then removal of the drains was truly a blessing and I believe it has improved my recovery time. I won’t lie, the first day or two post surgery was very painful, but that’s why pain meds were invented! By the end of the first week I wasn’t taking the heavy pain meds and was only taking Tylenol. I’m now 1 month post op and I feel great and my results are amazing! The swelling is still going down for the next couple of months, but I couldn’t be happier with how I look! Dr Grover’s staff are so helpful and very responsive to any question I’ve had. I truly would recommend him to anyone looking to have something done!

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realself | June 20, 2020

I lived with a nose that I hated for many years. I had an ugly bump on my nose, it was wider than I wanted it to be and crooked. I was miserable and wanted to hide my profile as much as I could. So I searched and did a lot of research before choosing a doctor. I mean, we are talking about my face so I wanted a job well done the first time around. I talked to 4 different doctors before finding Dr. Grover. I am glad I waited because today I extremely happy with my new nose! If it wasn't for covid, everyone would get to see the amazing job he did. Let's start with his staff. All of the ladies in his office made me feel welcome the first time around. They took the time to get to know me and I felt comfortable. The facilities, are clean, elegant and in a great location. Upon finally meeting Dr. Grover, I felt like I trusted him right away. Why? He listened to my concerns, gave his professional opinion and showed me before and after photos of his work for noses similar to mine. I didn't need to go home to think about anything, I scheduled my surgery that same day convinced that I was in good hands. I wasn't wrong. Surgery day came along and I woke up thinking, that's it (in a good way)!? I had very little pain and the following day, I had no pain at all. I mean we are talking a full on nose job here and I didn't have to take any pain pills. Fast forward to reveal day and my nose is what I always wanted it to look like and more. My confidence is through the roof! Please go see Dr. Grover and give him a chance. His years of experience, bedside manner, professionalism, staff, everything that has to do with what he does is impressive. I will be coming back to him for all of my beauty needs. Thank you for changing my life!

Sara S. | 5 Stars | Source: Yelp | May 13, 2020

I’m so pleased with my results after going back and forth on having a breast augmentation for years. I knew I wanted to find a doctor I could trust that would give me the natural look I was going for. Dr. Grover exceeded my expectations and I’m so happy I went through with it!

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realself | April 24, 2020

The first time I've ever been to Dr. Grover was 5 years ago on my birthday! I underwent a breast augmentation and wow I have been happy and more confident ever since. The consultation was free. It's always been so smooth and he is never short with you even in the slightest bit. Even if your waiting a bit longer to see him you know it's because he actually cares and he's willing to answer all of your questions. He even makes the time to make sure he knows each patient on a personal level and trust me a lot of doctors are not like that. He is wonderful and even after my 5 year anniversary when I have any questions or concerns , his office does a wonderful job of fitting me in and making me feel at ease. All the ladies have always been wonderful and super kind. Dr. Grover and his staff are always inviting and that's why I tell anybody looking for anything beauty wise or wanting to enhance their breasts to look no further. You are in great hands! And I am always looking forward into coming back and I mean who loves going to the doctors?! It's more of a friendship here (: thank you again to the wonderful ladies and Dr.Grover!

Ashley L. | 5 Stars | Source: Yelp | May 14, 2020

Botox and Fillers never looked better. Dr. Grover did a wonderful job on my breast revision. Extremely happy with all my results. There is no one better than Dr. Grover who can do what he does. Would never again go to anyone else except Dr. Grover for any other aesthetic need again. [Single best thing is...] I just look and feel better.

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realpatientratings | April 5, 2020

The results from my breast augmentation are amazing! The smooth recovery process itself was a testament to how great a surgeon Dr. Grover is. My breasts look extremely natural which is exactly what I wanted! Dr. Grover is extremely professional but also personable. His staff (especially Mimi!) are also lovely and will answer any questions you have to make you comfortable. The surgery center is also impeccably sterile - I felt completely at ease throughout the whole process. It’s definitely not hard to see why Dr. Grover is one of the best aesthetic surgeons in California! [Single best thing is...] The dual plane technique used to make my breasts look as natural as possible. This was executed perfectly!

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realpatientratings | May 13, 2020

Another life changed! I've suffered with gynecomastia since I hit puberty in 4th grade. Today, I'm writing this as a 27 year old. Today, I comfortably wore a tank top for the first time in my life and I can't thank Dr Grover enough. The entire experience hasn't been 100% perfect, and it's foolish for anyone to expect that. As most have experienced, my initial consultation was delayed. He was running about an hour behind. They had called to let me know as I was walking into the building. Everyone was apologetic. I read every single review here, so it wasn't much of a surprise. To kill time, he had one of the aestheticians give me some version of a microdermabrasion. I thought that was extremely nice, and definitely not something he HAD to do. But it resonated with me. During the time of my consult, I actually didn't talk that much with Dr Grover. I had gone ever minor detail with his surgical coordinator (Summer) who is incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable. He basically came in, looked at my chest, talked about how the procedure would be done and that was that. Afterwards I met with Summer and she went over pricing and scheduling etc. The whole process was smooth and easy. Surgery came and went and throughout the recovery process I truly felt like the entire office was working for me. They all made sure I was doing well, they were encouraging and genuinely happy I had done this for myself. My 1 month post op was a couple days ago. The improvement is incredible! I am beyond thrilled that I chose to work with Dr Grover. If I need anything else, he will be my go-to. He should be yours too! Kind, caring, compassionate, patient and empathic are all words that immediately come to mind when I reflect on this experience.

Elliott M. | 5 Stars | Source: Yelp | October 2, 2019

Tummy Tuck Revision: I love the results my recovery has been pretty quick and I love Dr. Sanjay and staff!

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realpatientratings | April 29, 2020

The best.......a fabulous surgeon with an expert eye and precision work. Top that with having such a great way with his patients........knowledgeable, patient, caring and listening! Gorgeous new facility, great personable staff. I sailed through my recent procedure and I am thrilled with my results and recovery. Thank you, Dr. Grover! and staff!

Lisa F. | 5 Stars | Source: Yelp | Feb 19, 2020

Dr. Grover is very welcoming and professional. He made the process seamless and comfortable. He is an expert in the field!

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realpatientratings | May 26, 2020

Dr. Grover is very welcoming and professional. He made the process seamless and comfortable. He is an expert in the field!

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realpatientratings | May 26, 2020

Had a great experience! Go see him! I was comfortable from beginning to end. He was so attentive, so friendly, and pays great attention to detail. I needed that. I could not go to a surgeon who is not crazy detailed and wants things done perfectly. I used to be very self conscious. I would never take my shirt off during intimacy or even in the summers at the beach or pool. After two kids i thought it was just over for me. That was the way my body looked forever maybe. But after wanting a makeover for ten years, and researching for years and going to consultations with multiple surgeons, I knew Dr. Grover's office was the one for me. Surgery is a BIG deal. Especially a mommy makeover what I got. But I felt so at ease with him and his team I just trusted them. I had no issues after surgery and the healing process was not bad. Uncomfortable maybe for a little but it goes away. I am so happy with the results I could write so much on here, but I highly recommend him! GO! You will wonder why you did not go sooner. I am so happy with my mommy makeover and love my new body. I feel like a new woman. I am much curvier exactly what I wanted. My clothes just look better too. even a sweater looks so good now haha. But yes check him out! Even if its for a consultation, it cant hurt. Good luck!

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realself | Dec 30, 2019

Rhinoplasty: I am a return patient of Dr. Grover's. I would not go to any other surgeon. I trust him 100% with every recommendation & opinion. He has such a caring heart for his patients and it shows in his bedside manner. The office staff are absolutely amazing & friendly. Every office visit has been a pleasant experience. Highly recommend Dr. Grover to anyone looking to have any procedure.

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realpatientratings | Jan 30, 2020

I have been coming to Dr Grover for 14 years. I have never met a more patient, kind and talented Dr! I had my breast argumentation done by him, and redone 13 years later when I was in a car accident and needed a revision. I also come to Dr Grover for lip filler and Botox. I'm nervous around needles and especially when it has to do with my face and there's no one I would trust more than Dr. Grover. Everything he has done has been so amazing that no one even knows I've had anything done, he knows exactly what to do to complement your natural looks. Living in a world where plastic surgeons are on every corner like Starbucks you really have do your research on what your personal goals are and find a Dr that shares the same vision. Thank you Dr Grover for helping me be the best version of myself

Kelly M. | 5 Stars | Source: Yelp | Oct 17, 2018

The staff was very welcoming. The office itself has a nice modern clean feeling. Dr. Grover is very professional and gave me time to ask questions and suggest to him what I wanted done and how I wanted it done. He then gave me his expertise and a realistic expectation of what my rhinoplasty would look like. He used before and after photos similar to my nose so I could actually see what I would be paying for.

Real Patient | 5 Stars | Source: realpatientratings | May 26, 2020

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