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Ultherapy is a precise non-surgical tissue lifting treatment. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is the first-ever aesthetic treatment that incorporates ultrasound imaging for viewing tissue below the skin’s surface. The Ulthera System is considered a first-of-its-kind technology, unprecedented in the marketplace, and as such underwent a 510(k) “de novo” review by the FDA. With just one of our Orange County Ultherapy treatments, the regenerative process is initiated, but the full effect will build over time, usually, in the course of two to three months.

During the FDA clinical trial, 9 out of 10 patients had a noticeable, significant lift of the brow line, resulting in a more open, refreshed appearance overall. Patients reported firmer, tighter, more fit-looking skin in other areas of the face and neck as well. The ability to utilize an established technology to both see below the skin and then treat it with great precision, helps ensure both safety and a significant outcome. There isn’t a replacement for the dramatic effects of surgery, but finally there is a non-invasive approach to significant skin tightening with our Ultherapy in Newport Beach.

Ultherapy Newport Beach

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