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Treat both superficial and deep wrinkle layers with CO2RE fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing in Newport Beach. Laser technology has revolutionized the skincare industry by providing an elegant, nuanced solution to facial wrinkling, fine lines and blemishes. The CO2RE system from Syneron and Candela uses adjustable dual laser waves to simultaneously penetrate the pores both superficially and on a deeper level.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with CO2RE Laser

The CO2RE laser works by aggressively vaporizing the unwanted damaged skin molecules while triggering the body’s natural healing response, or collagen production. Collagen is the protein found organically in youthful, supple skin. As the body ages, its collagen dwindles, necessitating a cosmetic intervention. The CO2RE laser is extremely versatile with 7 treatment settings that can be customized to the patient’s comfort level.

The CO2RE fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing is ideal for treating…

  • Poor skin tone and texture
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Facial scarring

Who is a good candidate?

Dr. Grover recommends this procedure for anyone struggling with sun damage, the effects of aging, hyperpigmentation or other skin flaws. Most patients tend to be in their 30’s or older who seek a more youthful complexion free from blemishes.

After the procedure

As with most laser treatments, afterwards you may feel a slight tingling sensation that resembles a sunburn, lasting anywhere from a few hours to about a day. Within a few more days, the dead skin will begin peeling away. This is perfectly natural and may take up to two weeks.

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients find that one treatment with the CO2RE laser system is sufficient to reverse their most troubling skin imperfections. The skin immediately appears more radiant, while uneven skin begins to look smoother and softer.

How long will my results last?

Treatment with the CO2RE laser is considered on par with a surgical procedure, so results are long-lasting, provided you care properly for your skin as outlined by Dr. Grover upon discharge.

How can I learn more?

If you are in the Orange County area and are curious as to whether the CO2RE fractionated laser may be a solution for your skincare problems, please contact us today to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Grover in the comfort of his luxury offices suites in Newport Beach. During this initial session, Dr. Grover will physically examine your skin and conduct a thorough review of your medical history. He will take the time to answer all your questions in detail, such as those about financing, costs and insurance; risks and advantages; downtime; and what to expect from your outcome.

If the CO2RE laser does not turn out to be the best treatment for you, Dr. Grover can offer a host of viable alternatives, including microneedling, dermaplaning, chemical peels and more.

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