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What is lip cleavage? It’s one of the hottest beauty trends in the cosmetic world today. Also called “Angelina Jolie lips,” lip cleavage is the appearance of the full, pouty lower lip with a slight dent in the center. The goal is two plump pillows with just a slight indent, giving you sexy, natural-looking, full lips.

Full, pillowy lips have been popular for years, but the recent lip cleavage trend has taken this look up to the next level and is the subject of quite the buzz.

How is Lip Cleavage Achieved?

A typical lip enhancement is done with fillers, and lip cleavage relies on fillers, too. But the particular “Angelina Jolie” look is created with a specialized filler technique. This look is also referred to as a “keyhole pout.” The way the filler is placed creates a small gap between the top and bottom lip, which resembles a keyhole.

To achieve your desired look, we will press suture thread or string vertically down the middle of your bottom lip. This creates a line. On either side of this line, filler is injected into the lower lip. As the filler settles, a subtle, semi-permanent indent remains, achieving lip cleavage.

To balance the proportions of your lips, we will also treat the upper lip and the vermillion borders, which gives more definition to the outline of your lips. This achieves a nice balance: a slightly smaller upper lip than your lower lip and an enhanced contour overall. Your pillowly, attractive lips and shape will last for six to twelve months before a touch up is required.

Which Fillers are Used?

We will recommend which filler is best to choose. The type of filler used is an important aspect of the success of your treatment.

The goal of a lip cleavage procedure is to achieve a natural, symmetrical, attractive and inviting pout, with just the right amount of cleavage. The most common fillers used for this procedure are Juvederm Ultra Plus, Prollenium Versa, or Restylane Silk. If you’re looking for a plumper, fuller pout that provides a more dramatic effect, Juvederm or Versa are often the best fillers to achieve this look.

For older patients who are also looking to correct fine lines around the lips, Restylane Silk is a positive and highly effective option.


It will take about two weeks for the filler to settle completely. After your treatment, you may notice some bruising and tenderness immediately after the procedure. There might be some swelling, which will resolve quickly. You can apply a cool pack afterward to ease any pain or itching sensations, and foundation, lip color or gloss can cover any bruising.

Lip Cleavage Orange County

Your lip cleavage procedure at Grover Aesthetics

If you are in the Orange County area and you’re interested in achieving plump, pillowy lips with a lip cleavage procedure, look no further than Grover Aesthetics. During your initial consultation, Dr. Grover will take the time to answer your questions, and discuss the benefits, filler options and cost. Enjoy our luxurious, comfortable office and welcoming staff, and experience a truly outstanding level of care and results.

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