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Calf augmentation, like breast augmentation, is generally sought out by patients to improve ones proportions and improve self-esteem. Calf augmentation or calf implants is performed using soft, solid, silicone implants which are placed through a relatively small incision placed in the crease behind the knee. The implants are placed above the gastrocnemius muscle and below the muscle fascia. This muscle has two heads. One or two implants are placed in each leg, depending on the desired effect sought. Patients may choose to have the outer portion, the inner portion or both portions enhanced.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and will take several hours. There is a moderate amount of discomfort during the initial few days post operatively. This is addressed with oral pain medications. Patients are in bed for most of the time the first few days, but are encouraged to get up throughout the day to the restroom. Patients generally feel much better after the initial two to three weeks post operatively and are back to most of their activities by two months.

Calf Augmentation
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