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Men and women with long or oversized nipples tend to feel extremely embarrassed about their situation. No need to worry, though, there are options to reduce and/or make the nipples more proportionate.

Our Newport Beach Male Nipple Reduction surgery is a procedure developed to improve the appearance of the nipple and chest. Nipple reductions are something that both men and women request. Many people tend to get the areola (the darker pigmented skin around the nipple) and the nipple (the projected part of the breast) confused. This procedure reshapes and/or reduces the size of the nipple only, although it can be performed in combination with an Areola Reduction.

Due to the fact that this procedure is fast and simple with practically immediate results and minimal risk, and can be performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as a Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift, it has been frequently requested by more and more patients. Even though a Nipple Reduction is a minor procedure, one’s confidence and self-esteem can be greatly increased through the beautification of their chest/breast.

The Procedure

Male Nipple Reductions are generally performed under local anesthesia and at an outpatient surgery center such as AAAASF-accredited Grover Surgical Arts. They tend to take about 30 to 60 minutes. The incisions are made on the nipple as inconspicuously as possible. Excess tissue is removed in a sinusoidal pattern and the skin sutured. In some cases, a cylinder of skin around the neck of the nipple is removed and the outer portion is then “pushed” back and sutured. Generally following the procedure, nipple sensation is normal and a woman’s ability to breast feed is usually preserved. Dr. Grover’s patients experience no bruising, very little swelling if any and some tenderness around the incision area.

All in all, patient discomfort is very little with minimal down time and most patients returning to normal activity within one day. Keep in mind that with any surgery, no matter how minor, it is extremely important to find a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon of the Face and Body like Dr. Grover, who is highly qualified, has extensive experience and specializes in this procedure.

Unfortunately, Nipple Reduction is not considered a medical necessity and insurance doesn’t cover the costs for this procedure.

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