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A woman’s body undergoes constant changes. From puberty onward, the body keeps changing due to factors such as hormone level fluctuations, stress, and menopause. Some of the biggest changes occur during the time of pregnancy and childbirth. The delivery of a child can affect the elasticity of the vagina, causing it to become loose and overly relaxed. Aging is another factor that affects the elasticity of the vagina.

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When the vagina loses its elasticity, this leads to other problems, such as vaginal discomfort and loss of sexual pleasure. These factors can greatly affect a woman’s confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life.

Because of this, women opt for cosmetic procedures to tighten the vaginal muscles and restore vaginal elasticity. Viveve vaginal-rejuvenation treatment is one of the most common cosmetic procedures used to restore vaginal elasticity and tightness.

Viveve Vaginal-Rejuvenation Treatment

Essentially, Viveve makes use of radiofrequency heating to tighten the vaginal muscle tissues. During it, no surgical incisions are made in the vagina, unlike with other cosmetic vaginal-rejuvenation procedures. Because of this, the procedure is pain free with minimal risks involved. This also means that there is little or no downtime. Because Viveve vaginal rejuvenation is efficient, safe, and convenient, it is quite popular.

The radiofrequency heat generated by the Viveve device during the treatment causes the muscles in the vaginal wall to contract, thus tightening the vagina and restoring its elasticity.

The Treatment Procedure

The Viveve vaginal-rejuvenation procedure requires only 30 minutes to perform, making it quite convenient. The device used in the procedure comes with a handpiece and a tip that is inserted into the vagina. The tip can be used only once for hygienic reasons.

The tip is inserted into the vagina up to a certain depth and rotated around the vaginal opening. While doing so, the device delivers radiofrequency heat. In order to protect the delicate tissues of the vagina from the heat energy, the tip uses cryogen cooling to balance the temperature of the vaginal tissues during this process. The radiofrequency heat is delivered in pulses rather than a continuous beam of energy.

The pulsed energy stimulates the growth of new collagen cells in the vaginal walls. The gradual growth of new collagen cells restores the elasticity of the vaginal muscles.

The process of collagen growth after the treatment will take around one to two months, and results can be observed during this period as new collagen cells develop. The vaginal muscles continue to show improvement up to a year after treatment. A degree of swelling and bruising in the region is normal after the procedure. These are temporary side effects of the technique and are nothing to worry about.

Trying Viveve for Yourself

Viveve vaginal rejuvenation should be conducted only under the direction of a skilled and experienced medical professional. To learn more about Viveve, contact the office of Dr. Grover and schedule your consultation. During a consultation, you will find out more about the procedure, including preparation, aftercare, and its many benefits. Contact us today to get started!

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