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Diastasis recti is a medical term for the separation of the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles can become loose and appear split into two sections when the connective tissues have stretched too far – often occurring during pregnancy. The condition can appear as a noticeable gap between the muscles along the midline, where a bulge often forms. Many women feel very unhappy with this condition and choose to undergo a surgical procedure to correct the problem.

What causes diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti is caused by internal abdominal pressure, often appearing after pregnancy as the size of a growing baby stretches the muscle structure. Diastasis recti can be the result of the intense pushing during childbirth. The prolonged strain on the abdominal wall causes the muscles and connective tissue holding the muscles together to stretch. The condition appears on the midline of the lower abdomen. You may be able to feel the separation of the muscle structure. Diastasis recti can affect men as well and can be the result of excessive weight gain, or weightlifting.

Diastasis recti correction in Orange County

If the split muscle structure is minor, it may correct naturally, over time. A series of exercises can be performed to strengthen the abdominals – but in many cases, the muscles have stretched to a point in which surgical correction is needed. Diastasis recti can be surgically corrected in a custom tummy tuck or as part of your Orange County mommy makeover. The surgery will repair the abdominal muscles, so they are taut, firm, and flat – a gratifying result!

What are the benefits of diastasis recti surgery in Orange County?

Diastasis recti is a condition that reduces physical function and can lead to stress in other areas of your body and can lead to weakness and pain in the lower back. Many women who have loosened, split abdominal muscles choose to repair the condition surgically, as they feel that they still look pregnant months after a baby is born. Some of the benefits of treating diastasis recti include:

  • Allows your abdominal muscles to heal correctly so that you have improved core strength and posture support
  • More comfortable to engage in a wider variety of exercises
  • Flattens your tummy to its firm, taut, pre-baby shape
  • Restores strength to your abdomen
  • Reduces back and pelvic pain associated with diastasis recti

Am I a candidate?

If you have diastasis recti and no exercises have resolved the condition, then you could be a candidate for a tummy tuck. The procedure is customized for you. The surgery may require only tightening the muscle structure, or a full or mini tummy tuck to remove excess fat, skin, and tissue to restore your abdominal area. If you are planning on having another baby, then it may be recommended that you wait until you are finished having children to have this surgical correction performed. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Grover to find out more about the options available for diastasis recti.

Why should I choose Dr. Grover?

Dr. Grover is a board-certified plastic surgeon located in Newport Beach who has a wealth of experience helping women restore their pre-baby bodies with custom mommy makeovers. In many cases, the treatment will include a tummy tuck tightening split abdominal muscles. During your consultation, he will assess the severity of your abdominal separation and work with you to determine the best way to restore your abdomen to a firm, fit, taut appearance.

Diastasis Recti Surgery Orange County
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