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The act of making facial expressions will eventually lead to the development of lines and wrinkles. Men and women who are interested in softening the visible signs of aging can treat them with Jeuveau, a new product available from Dr. Grover. This neuromodulator works like BOTOX to temporarily halt motion in targeted facial muscles to create a smoother, well-rested, younger look.

What is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is a recently-released neuromodulator, similar to BOTOX, approved by the FDA for to treat smile and frown lines. Jeuveau works by blocking the nerve signals that trigger constant muscle contractions. While giving your face a more youthful appearance, Jeuveau also has the benefit of preventing facial lines from developing.

Benefits of Jeuveau

Why would you want to try Jeuveau? This new option does have some benefits, that Dr. Grover wanted to offer to his patients:

  • Non-invasive
  • FDA-approved
  • Safe for cosmetic use
  • Works faster than BOTOX
  • Produced with a special process, Hi-Pure technology
  • Lower in cost than BOTOX

How is Jeuveau used?

Jeuveau is used to treat moderate to severe lines on the forehead, called “glabellar lines.” These lines appear between your brows and can leave you looking worried, angry, and tired. Careful injections of Jeuveau will temporarily relax these lines, smoothing your facial skin, giving you a refreshed, revitalized look.

How is Jeuveau different from BOTOX?

There are a few neuromodulators commonly used to treat facial lines and wrinkles: BOTOX, Dysport, and Xeomin. BOTOX is the oldest and most popular neuromodulator. They all work similarly to relax the facial muscles and prevent new lines from forming. Jeuveau, quickly becoming known as “Newtox,” is the newest neuromodulator to enter the market, and the first to be approved by the FDA in more than ten years. Unlike others of its kind, Jeuveau was created strictly for aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of frown lines and is more affordable than other similar products.

What can I expect during treatment with Jeuveau?

Treatment with Jeuveau is quick and relatively pain-free and can be performed in just minutes – but must be injected correctly, and in the right quantity. Dr. Grover may apply a topical numbing agent, so you are comfortable during your Jeuveau treatment. Once your skin is numbed, Dr. Grover will carefully and precisely inject Jeuveau into the treatment area, delivering only what is necessary to produce a natural, fresh look. You can immediately return to your daily routine as soon as your treatment is complete.

What can I expect following treatment with Jeuveau?

You may experience mild redness, swelling, or bruising following treatment with Jeuveau. This is temporary and should resolve itself within a few hours. You should avoid touching or rubbing the area for several hours following injections, as this could encourage the product to spread to areas not intended for treatment.

Many patients report noticeable results within two to three days following treatment with Jeuveau, with final results visible in approximately seven to ten days. Your results with Jeuveau will be visible for three to six months following treatment. You will need to continue your treatment with maintenance injections in order to enjoy the benefits of Jeuveau.

Why should I choose Dr. Sanjay Grover?

Men and women seeking sophisticated, natural-looking results from neuromodulators like Jeuveau in Newport Beach frequently turn to Dr. Sanjay Grover for his expertise, artistry, and kindness. When treating facial lines and wrinkles, it is important that you seek a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in producing very natural-looking results with neuromodulators, whether Jeuveau or other injectable; never results that look frozen or artificial.

This process requires a delicate hand and an artistic eye and a deep understanding of facial muscular structure. Dr. Grover is thrilled to offer his patients the newest products and procedures for aesthetic enhancement. Come experience “Newtox” for yourself and see how it can help you achieve your vision for ageless beauty.

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