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Plump and volumize the lips with a non-surgical lip augmentation in Orange County. In youth, the lips are full, luscious and plump, projecting feminine beauty and sensuality. As we age, they begin to lose volume, growing thin and wrinkled.

While it is possible to create long-lasting improvement using a lip implant, many women prefer a non-surgical lip augmentation procedure using dermal fillers that has no downtime and very little discomfort.

Most lip fillers make use of hyaluronic acid as their main ingredient, a substance found naturally in the human body that is responsible for the skin’s hydration and radiant glow. Because hyaluronic acid is a bio-compound, there are generally no allergic reactions that occur. The most popular fillers for lip enhancement are Juvederm Volbella and Restylane Silk.

Advantages of a non-surgical lip augmentation procedure include…

  • Short treatment time
  • No anesthesia
  • No downtime
  • Minimal bruising or swelling
  • Long lasting results
  • Plumps and thickens the lips
  • Reduces ‘smoker’s’ lines around the mouth
  • Increased confidence in one’s image
  • Low risk of allergy
  • Reversible, if you don’t like your results

Why choose Dr. Grover for your non-surgical lip augmentation procedure?

While injecting the lips may seem simple and straightforward, there is actually an art to it, as overfilling the lips can have disastrous consequences. As a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing facial procedures, Dr. Grover is intimately aware of the right proportions for the lips and how they change with each individual’s anatomy. He will be able to create nuanced, natural-looking outcomes you will be thrilled with.

Fat transfer

While lip implants and lip fillers present two ends of the spectrum, the option in the middle is to receive lip augmentation with fat transfer. During this procedure, fat is extracted from a donor area such as the thighs, hips or belly and then is purified and sterilized before it is injected into the lips, adding volume. This may be a good option for those women who would benefit from body contouring at the donor site. Dr. Grover is well versed at all the different types of lip augmentation procedures, and help you decide the best choice for your goals during your confidential Newport Beach consultation.

Where does my treatment take place?

Dr. Grover will perform your non-surgical lip augmentation at our accredited, state-of-the-art medical center in Newport Beach. This immaculate facility offers cutting edge technology in a tranquil, spa-like setting. While we adhere to only the highest standards of safety and cleanliness as you might find at any local hospital, you will experience a much greater degree of convenience, discretion, comfort and personalized attention.

Moving forward with your non-surgical lip augmentation

If you think that a lip enhancement procedure with fillers might be the right solution for your aesthetic goals, then please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Grover today to schedule your confidential consultation in Newport Beach.

During this initial session, the doctor will examine your lips, review your medical records, and begin to answer all your questions in detail, including those regarding costs, financing and insurance; risks and benefits; recovery and downtime; and what you can realistically expect from your final outcome.

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